About Us

What is Alkaline Water?

Alkaline water, also referred to as pH water or ionized water, is natures way of bringing balance to Earths most vital systems. Naturally restructured through electrical ionization, alkaline water carries a higher pH level than normal, and includes high levels of anti-oxidants and active hydrogen. Our bodies are made of nearly 80% water, and the pH level in our bodies matter. We naturally self-regulate our pH levels through the food we eat, and liquids we drink. Products like soda contain low pH levels (around 2.5), while products like kale and spinach have high pH levels (around 10.0). By drinking alkaline water, you hydrate yourself with water that does more than just quince your thirst. 


About Alcalino:

Alcalino was started deep in the heart of Austin, TX, with the goal of creating a premium alkaline water brand, which could better connect consumers to global sustainability causes. Our aim is to create the highest quality alkaline water possible, while doing the highest good with the time we have. That's why we give back and prioritize impact over profits. Whenever we aren't bottling, we are connecting with organizations like Charity Water to partner in helping change the world.